God @ Work, Nov to Dec 2014

Engage HIS POWER, enlarge your VISION, expand your CAPACITY, having this message in our hearts as we left Port Dickson, Malaysia…we started to pray and allowed GOD to work in us.

November and December were full of readings and research to prepare us for January 2015. This also became a period when Sis. Juvy and me, as a couple, have to observe and live the rule of life we have learned for us individually, as a couple and for our family and our ministry.

Going back to Iloilo, we have been given the opportunity to go back and have our site leadership tasks, but we respectfully asked our leaders to bless us and told them that we will start our ministry to the Body of Christ, that of prayer counseling & healing and mission mobilization.

Slowly, we started to receive from God, how our weekend messages will synchronize to our new path in our call journey with Him for the Body of Christ.

Last December 14, 2014, we started to incorporate what GOD is telling us to do in our everyday life, starting with our His Life family in Iloilo…

As Ambassadors of Christ, as channels of reconciliation for people to go back to GOD, 2 Corinthians 5:18 was our guiding scriptures as we share the Christmas message to the church in Iloilo and Bacolod. We share Jesus Christ as GOD’s GIFT of LOVE, H.U.G (acronym for Human but Holy, Unconditional yet Unfailing, Gift of Grace) and to live GOD’s LOVE practically by simply starting to hug people, doing the 4-8-12! God’s people welcomed it and now being done as a Sunday welcoming act for everyone, especially first time visitors to feel at home in the church.

hugs07 hugs003 hugs03 hugs09 hugs02 hugs08

We continue to serve the body of Christ…in our Christmas Family Day, four people followed JESUS in water baptism, 18 people completed the Kairos Course in BCIF church and were mobilized for GOD’s Mission, giving emphasis to cross-cultural missions, to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Read more about mobilizing. 

We continue to share about the ministry of prayer counseling and healing to families and friends and we are seeing how GOD organizes our prayer support group.

hlismv2014122804 hlismv2014122806

It was also the same message we shared to our His Life family in East (am) last December 18, their last Sunday celebration at Lopue’s East venue for 2014. People welcomed and responded well to what God wants them to start doing in their life as believers, to be channel of HIS reconciling love.

During the 2nd half of December, our message to the body going into New Year 2015 is to LIVE LIFE in GOD’s PERSPECTIVE, to start LIFE in the last days as TRUE WORSHIPPER’s of GOD, worshiping GOD in Spirit and in Truth and will spill to January 2015 with the TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.  Through these messages that GOD allows us to share to the Body of Christ, we were able to expose the schemes (lies and deceptions) of the enemy in science, media, and lifestyles identity and destiny, how the family is being used by the enemy to curse instead of GOD original design to bless the children.

Please continue to pray for us as we receive invitations, informal yet, to share in small groups and Sunday preaching about prayer counseling and healing, identity and destiny in His Life and in the Body of Christ.

We thank GOD and are grateful to our friends and partners: His Life family, fellow Kairos advocates and Raphah Malaysia, leaders-fellow alumni for the financial seeds that have sustained our family and ministry needs during November and December. Thank you Raphah Ipoh Center for adopting to lift us in love and in prayer. Click here to know more about Raphah Ministries Malaysia

We continue to bring to GOD our requests to have our Raphah Internship completed within 2015 in Malaysia as we follow GOD to bring our Redeemer King, our Healer for GOD’s people in implementing Raphah Philippines to raise and equip counseling and healing ministry group within the Body of Christ.

Shalom and wishing everyone a great 2015.



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