Musings [a period of reflection]…Thank You GOD for the time to connect and listen to You…sometimes while riding on a motor bike or just simply having meal in a beach front cafe, or under the shade of a tree, YOU are everywhere, YOU are near and ready to talk with YOUR beloved people.

January 16-2015@2:35 am…“in everything that you do, make sure that your motivation is anchored on Me, your heart is right before Me, do everything in My will, for I will fulfill My promises to you as I have fulfilled My promises in the days old, put your trust on Me and I will never leave you nor forsake you”

“Yes Lord Jesus” was my reply. “Search my heart Lord and remove any inequities, sanctify me today Lord Jesus.” Allow me to recognize your voice always and grant me the will to obey you in full measure. Thank You God!

January 9-2015, early morning after sleeping in Sta. Barbara, while riding on a motorcycle, the Lord continue to impress on me how the enemy have deceived the people, created by God, and have become enslaved to sin…and I heard the Lord, “I have come to set them free…”

Decided to stop along the roadside, I replied “yes Lord, use me as your channel, empower me Lord Jesus, teach me how, apart from you i am nothing!


January 5-2015…yesterday an sms came in my cellphone from a dear brother in Christ “pas, can we meet for coffee? i’d like to know how can i help in your ministry”…in my spirit the LORD spoke to me “remind him about the “narrow path…” yes LORD was my reply.

GOD gives us an assignment in unexpected ways to express HIS LOVE to PEOPLE…let us be sensitive to GOD’s WAYS…we are HIS channel of LOVE, YIELD, these are LASTING FRUIT BEARING WAYS. LORD JESUS, SALAMAT gid, BE OUR VINE ALWAYS, SET-UP DIVINE APPOINTMENTS FOR ALL YOUR SERVANTS. (again this am, January 6, i’m being reminded in my quiet time)



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