GOD working in Mission Mobilization…

Testimonies of transformed lives of God’s beloved servants after finishing the Kairos Course, an event, jump starting our journey of being part of World Christian Movement…life become more exciting as we take initial steps of obedience to follow God in His Great Commission…God’s All Nations Agenda!

In Godspeed, we are having a breakthrough the enemy’s strongholds…

“i believe the greatest strongholds today is in the hearts and minds of GOD’s people” by Rev. Max Chismon, International Director Living Springs

(past 2014 testimonies will be posted here…)

January 9, 2015…from ptr. r, “i am glad that we are fulfilling the Vision statement we have as a church, and as I have shared the Dam devotional, we can avoid the mistakes we have in the past and allow the church to obey GOD in fulfilling the Great Commission”

January 9, 2015…from bro. r, “as a facilitator, aside from obeying and fulfilling GOD’s will for me, i am also being prepared-sharpened to share what mission is all about, although there are areas in my life that i am still feel reluctant about, i know the time of reluctance will give me strength to obey Jesus in His Mission for all of us, praise GOD”

January 9, 2015..from sis. n-English teacher in Thailand “we have been encouraged and coming back to the harvest field, strong and well founded, understanding our call to the nations”

January 9, 2015..from bro. f-nurse in Riyadh “i have been encouraged, life is difficult as a Christian there, but praise GOD that because of Kairos course, i am inspired to go back knowing what mission is”

January 5, 2015… from “ptr. r”, “you know pastor rey after our hosting Kairos course last December 9-18, that sunday, our mission giving went up, i know that the church was touched by GOD about MISSION, praise GOD!”

Note from us…  to our guests readers…if you have a testimony about how Kairos Course transformed you…please email me at ryhdrosario@gmail.com, we will be posting them with your permission to disclose or not disclosed your full identity. Blessings.



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CHRIST is our Amazing Lord and Savior…HE came to set the captives free, to give us a full life in the power of The HOLY SPIRIT and for us to be able bring the glory of GOD to All Nations!

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