GOD working in our family…

One of our life verse is Matthew 6:33 “seek first God’s Kingdom, seek first His Righteous and all will be added unto you”.

God has written this truth in our heart as parents to our children…that when we prioritize Him, when we put everything in JESUS’ LORDSHIP, our perspective became His, and through our teacher the Holy Spirit, we obey God to entrust all concerns of our family and children to Him. We were assured in our faith that GOD created our children and family too, every GOD creation is good and was intended for HIS GLORY. As we bring them in prayer daily, putting our faith first in the KING of Kings, he will take care of their needs, all will be added unto them. His blood covers them and His Spirit will be their source of conviction, always all the time!

My faith vision for our family is to see… my wife sis. juvy, growing in the gifts God gave her in full fruition as a wife, mother and a servant of God…our children finishing well in their academics, being called to a vocation destined by GOD for them, for all- our family and our children’s family and the generations after them, worshiping GOD in spirit and in truth!

We bring in the altar of GOD, our requests, that in Christ Jesus, His provision for our family- our children’s school needs be met-living expenses sustained, for our ministry-supplies, equipment, travel and operating expenses to be met…in HIS WAYS, HIS POWER, not relying in our capacity but by HIS GRACE working out in circumstances and through HIS PEOPLE.



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CHRIST is our Amazing Lord and Savior…HE came to set the captives free, to give us a full life in the power of The HOLY SPIRIT and for us to be able bring the glory of GOD to All Nations!

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