GOD working in Prayer Counseling and Healing…

Conversations and testimonies of our engagement as prayer counselors, as alumni of Raphah School of Prayer Counseling and Healing (true stories, names were altered for confidentiality of subjects). How JESUS our LORD is saving, forgiving, restoring and healing HIS people for HIS SOVEREIGN WILL and PURPOSE!

October 28, 2014 after arriving from KL, Malaysia…

from brother “c”, “thank GOD, also for you pastor and tita juvy for sharing me about generational inequities, now i understand why our dad is treating us like this,as we prayed there is peace in my heart as i forgive him, now i understand why God brought me here in manila. all i know is that i will look for a job in order to prove something to my dad, but i am seeing now that i am here to be a blessing to my dad and my family.

from our relative, kuya “o”…“the body of Christ needs this ministry, thank GOD for your counsel, i understand now my wife and as you are praying for me and my wife, there is peace in my heart, how i long that you can stay in manila…so that we can have more time of sharing…i am looking forward to communicating with you more, thank you”

November 2014

from our fellow worker in children’s ministry, sister “j”…“when you are sharing to me about generational curses and inequities, i was reminded by God about my father and his family, how his family cursed him because of sins in the family, incest and adultery, no wonder my father seems to have difficulty in finding acceptance in his relationship with us, now i understand, thank GOD for this new ministry that God has entrusted to you, my daughter had vision of working with her tita juvy in this ministry…”

more testimonies of how GOD is at work in our future posts…stay tuned…blessings…

Starting January 2015…watch out how GOD moves among HIS PEOPLE as we ENGAGE HIS POWER  in sharing HIS message about Truth Will Set You Free, Battle of 2 Natures, and Sin Sickness Disease Model.

If you need prayer counseling or just by GOD to bless this ministry, you are very much welcome to SMS 09394005538 or email us at ryhdrosario@gmail.com. Thank you very much.


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CHRIST is our Amazing Lord and Savior…HE came to set the captives free, to give us a full life in the power of The HOLY SPIRIT and for us to be able bring the glory of GOD to All Nations!

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