Learning to be a “donkey”…

it was amazing how the Holy Spirit can bring you in the past and allow you to apply, with your heart, Biblical principles, as GOD equipped us in what HE is leading us to do.

Thank You GOD, i will take this to heart and apply…

Zechariah 9:9-10 (esv) – 9 Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Shout aloud, O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your king is coming to you; righteous and having salvation is he, humble and mounted on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey. 10 I will cut off the chariot from Ephraim and the war horse from Jerusalem; and the battle bow shall be cut off, and he shall speak peace to the nations; his rule shall be from sea to sea, and from the River to the ends of the earth.

In their time, the people from Middle Eastern world, leaders rode horses if they rode to war, but donkeys if they came in peace. donkeyjesus

First Kings 1:33 mentions Solomon riding a donkey on the day he was recognized as the new king of Israel. Other instances of leaders riding donkeys are Judges 5:10; 10:4; 12:14; and 2 Samuel 16:2.

Jesus rode a donkey to fulfill this prophecy of Zechariah. The worldwide peace proclaimed by this humble King will be a fulfillment of the angels’ song in Luke 2:14: “Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” (NKJV). Significantly, Jacob’s blessing on his son Judah includes a reference to a donkey and a donkey’s foal (Genesis 49:11). Jesus is from the tribe of Judah.

Flashback, retrieving my digital devotional archives, some of which were gone with “multiply”, i have written February 10, 2008 in my journal about Luke 19:28-34…waking up from a dream that i am  a donkey that Jesus will ride so that the Gospel can be brought to people. I was sharing it to our leaders, we were new back then, pioneering a site in east side of the city. That was before i had Kairos Course and learned about cross cultural considerations in “backing in”.

In applying this passage, let us take note of the symbols that highlight PEACE and RECONCILIATION in bringing people to JESUS…

  • “Take away the chariots…and horse…the battle bow will be broken”, no to war,no to aggressive tactics-it will lead to failure
  • “He will proclaim peace to the nations…rule from sea to sea…from the river to the ends of the earth”, a Messianic stand fulfilled in JESUS, extending HIS reach, to rule, to overcome, to reign, referring again to GOD’s all nations agenda

Today as i pray for my family and people…GOD as you have molded me in my  previous years, continue to mold me to live like a “donkey”, and that we, with my family, may bring Your salvation to people, to the ends of the earth…starting with the communities, the campuses, and local least reached people groups. Also, that we may teach and mentor, in the making of disciples of believers, that they may also lived like a “donkey”. A LIFE of PEACE and RECONCILIATION. LIVING SIMPLY THAT OTHERS CAN SIMPLY LIVE. Thank You GOD. Only by YOUR GRACE.

Dear brethren, as followers of CHRIST, may we understand and live, starting in our spirit, how to be a donkey, in bringing JESUS, the Lamb of GOD , the Lion of the tribe of Judah, GOD’s love, effectively witnessing to people.

GOD’s way will always be full of impact in the humble ways of JESUS.


We have been into the ministry of mobilization only in 2012 and for that short period of time God has allowed us to see the reasons or issues why there are some parts of the Body of Christ that has not fully been activated in the real meaning of obeying the Great Commission.

The term winsome…was reminded in my spirit during our Raphah school days when our teacher (thanks ptr. JZ) shared how a Christian dress up or dress up ( or behave-my addition) in order to present Christ to people with integrity. So instead of choosing excellence or extravagant, allow me to use the term “winsome” as I deemed appropriate as the term to adopt in presenting ourselves as Ambassadors of Christ. Being winsome is not only in the externals. Being winsome starts from our inner being, having a right attitude of worship under the Lordship of Christ and that attitude is of the heart, not as a muscle pumping blood into our body, but the inner man, where the Spirit of God communes with His created man.

Being winsome is our accountability as believers of Christ. We need to be “winsome” people so that people will experience through us the transformation in their relationship with Christ. Let me clarify that it is GOD who transforms people. When people experience our “winsomeness”, it is now up to GOD to reveal Himself to people. Being winsome is to fully reflect what GOD is doing in us to the full extent so that the people that GOD has allowed us to reach can also be “winsome”. We have seen how, in GOD’s power, people are being won through CHRIST but in some stages of their life they stopped or even backslide, they were not able to become “winsome”.

First, people have been won but not been fully restored-their dark issues in the past are still there ready to be awakened in a single snap, and second, people have been won, restored and went through discipleship but only with the typical and not with the true biblical perspective of what it is to be a Christian.

Allow me to share two stories, they are true experiences but names and scenarios were altered to protect the identity of the two people mentioned.

The story of Juan Dela Cruz…

Mang Juan two years ago was a “taong grasa”, he begged for food, do errands for people in the market just to have some money…whenever he has the opportunity to have money, he will buy and sniffed “rugby” because the money is not for him to have a full meal for the day, but the “rugby” will allow to numb his stomach and bear the pain of hunger to sustain him the full day. According to some vendors who have witnessed the day to day life of Mang Juan, he has relatives in western countries, financially able, who initially sustained him, but through “dole outs” and later on have given up on him because for them Mang Juan state is hopeless.

One day a Christian vendor shared the Gospel to Mang Juan Dela Cruz and he received Jesus. The vendor brought and introduced him to church life. People in the church helped the vendor minister to Mang Juan. Used clothing and weekly food was provided for Mang Juan. Mang Juan was given a pedicab, a bicycle with a side car, to have an income. Mang Juan started to attend church and regularly connects to the family near the market where he resides for weekly bible study and fellowship.

During the course of fellowship, after several weeks of living a new life, while on the way for bible study and fellowship, Mang Juan witnessed a gang war and witnessed how a person was clubbed violently by one gang. Mang Juan reacted with fear and trembling that he never continued to attend the bible study fellowship that week, the next week and for several weeks. The family were he is supposed to be connected were surprised and visited him and when they saw him again, he was back begging, sold the pedicab, and again back to sniffing rugby to bear the pain of hunger. The church without knowledge of the circumstances that lies behind, just concluded that Mang Juan was not yet fully transformed and have decided to wait until GOD will transform Mang Juan. Because of the busyness of the church volunteers, some working and have families of their own to attend to, no one was able to look into the details and pray about what happened to Mang Juan. The church continued to move on with their program of being benevolent and loving the poor and every Christmas, visited Mang Juan and continues to pray for Mang Juan that GOD will minister to him, they continued to assure him that he has received Christ and will be with God when Christ comes again. Mang Juan is still on the streets and in the company of drunkards and thieves of the city.

The story of Jun Dela Cruz…

Jun was won in a campus ministry as a fourth year high school student, about to graduate in high school. He came from a poor family, a partial scholar. His mother sells vegetables in the market to sustain their day to day living, his father died when he was just six years old, when he was about to enter grade one. After connecting with the church he grew in faith and was water baptized and was connected to a campus small group. His small group helped him with his graduation expenses, motivated him and challenged him to try the college entrance test and he passed. He was able to attend university and progressing as an HRM student with state scholarship. He shared his dream of one day telling his mom not to sell vegetables and is planning to treat him when he receives his first salary. He dreams of having a modest house and raising a Godly family. Part of his allowance he sets asides to tithe and seed offering. He sometimes shares about the LGBT (lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual) challenges he faced and claims to have address them well. All seems fine, Jun was on the way to a successful life as a Christian.

A few months ago, I saw Jun and talked to him, he has graduated and now having an on the job training and will soon go as an OFW in a hotel. He seems bothered, and I asked him why. He shared to me the pressures of going to work overseas immediately so that he can help his mom have a decent living. I asked him about his ministry in the church, he responded that he was not able to attend and commit to his responsibilities in campus ministry because the program of discipleship is very rigorous and he is thinking to stop his involvement in the discipleship program, look for other areas to serve his church, but he said his meeting of the leaders proved futile because they said that everyone has to adhere to the program of discipleship. He also has classmate who is an Indian national, an exchange student, they have become close friends, but he cannot bring him to a small group because the group cannot stand the body odor and often receive complains from other small group members and that they cannot understand his accent and some of his manners and views in life. He looks for the advise of his leaders but still until now in waiting for them. He fears that his friend will just go back to India without fully knowing and growing in Christ. In the midst of these challenges, he said, he is searching for God’s way to handle them, be strengthened and mature in the Christian faith and fulfill His calling.

The story of Mang Juan is representative of the life of people, people who were won for Christ but their past life-the wounds and hurts, the pain and the trauma-was not taken into proper context and serious consideration of the church. Under usual circumstances, when a person became a Christian, we disciple them to move forward, we overlooked their past and they serve the Body of Christ. As they move into service they encounter challenges that brings them back to their past and since their past was not restored properly, sometimes it is only superficial, they break down and could not continue, worst they hurt the new people that is being ushered by God to His Kingdom. Worst the supposedly mature, “made whole” servant go back to their old habits. JESUS died that we may have life and life to the full, not only present and future but also to restore our past. He is the author of life, but there is an enemy who continues to attempt to destroy that life-he may have succeeded in our past but when we accepted JESUS, he has been defeated in the CROSS and the defeat does not only refers to our present and future but can also be appropriated to uproot and restore our past life. I have encountered Christians-I being one before- who refuse to think and discuss about their past, they have a closed view treatment of their past so that it will not affect their directions in the present and the future. They have said or committed things in the past that they just want to bury to the ground but when they moved on to the ministry, they cannot succeed because their way of handling challenges, issues and difficulties is being hindered from open wounds, gateways, that allows the enemy to work in them to destruction. No wonder, they have difficulty in understanding why they behave that way-pressuring people, throwing things or becoming violent as expression of disappointment. They fly with broken wings, instead of flying and soaring high to fulfill GOD’s destiny, sadly they kept on flying in circles.

The story of Jun is representative of a person in helpless state when being challenge to minister cross-culturally. Jun have been discipled to live a successful life but with limited understanding that the full life JESUS promised to us is a continuation of the Old Testament covenant by GOD given to Abraham. The statement “blessed to be a blessing”, and “that all people’s on earth will be blessed through you” is the over arching chronology of what the Bible is all about. The Great Commission started from the Book of Genesis to Revelation. Mission started in the Fall and will end when Christ reigns with the multitudes of all people, represented from all tribes, all colors, tongues and languages, ALL NATIONS. The Great Commandment is also not a great option, it is a commandment to love GOD and love people, to be obeyed, and must be expressed to all people from ALL NATIONS for the Great Commission to happen to the ends of the earth.

Mang Juan and Brother Jun have been won to Christ but have not yet reach the full potential to be “winsome”, Mang juan went back to his old habits and Bro. Jun cannot moved…faced with new challenges. Is this happening in our midst as a church? I believe so.

As we reflect on these two reasons, me and with my wife and with few ministry friends, have surrendered in faith to Christ, for GOD to use us…that we may be able to bring the prayer counseling and healing ministry in every group in the Body of Christ, to help the pastors and leaders, bring the message that JESUS came to set the captives free and to restore their past, present and future…that we may be able to bring mission mobilization, teaching and bringing every believer into an understanding of the Biblical Worldview, to help and challenge every believer to be part of the World Christian Movement, in the same culture but with emphasis, to start reaching out and welcoming people-from indigenous-least reached and un-reached people groups, who are now in their place of residency, who are now their near neighbors, who are now in their local community- the Ati tribe, the Maranaw’s, the Badjao’s, the Tausug’s and if GOD allows in our time, the OFW’s (Overseas Foreign Workers) – the Daniel’s of today-who have been sent and continue to being sent by GOD to EVERYWHERE around the globe.

To OBEY GOD is to let go and endorse our site leadership-pastoral functions, praise God-for the leadership team of our Iloilo site. We have been released to work with the Body of Christ with these KINGDOM agenda, not ours but beyond ourselves, not an easy life but rewarding, all for the glory of GOD!

BEING WINSOME in my definition now (you have the freedom disagree with me), is a matter or state of our heart, filled with truth and integrity, fully depending on the HOLY SPIRIT-working in restoring, sanctifying our spirit, soul and body-PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE- being pointed to JESUS’ LIVING WORD and CROSS, that overflows in all aspect of our life that we may WIN a chosen people from ALL NATIONS, redeemed, and also become channels of redemption. LET US CHOOSE to be WINSOME so that the people we have WON in CHRIST can win some also if not all!

The bottom line is the fruit, fruit that last. May we be faithful in the ministry that GOD has entrusted to us and be connected always to JESUS, our vine, that we may bear fruit for the glory of GOD.

We are grateful to FATHER GOD that in CHRIST and in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, we are seeing how our prophetic destiny as a nation, the Filipino people, “as a missionary sending nation”, will come to reality, that the Philippines, as part of the ABRAHAMIC COVENANT, will be a blessing to ALL NATIONS of THE WORLD. MARANATHA!

Please email me at ryhdrosario@gmail.com if you want to be a part of the ministry direction that GOD is entrusting to us. We will be glad to welcome you in GOD’s KINGDOM EXPANSION initiative. This ministry is being sustained by GOD through His moving in people with like heart and mind as ours in FRUITFUL generosity and LORDSHIP obedience, let us pray together for His mighty empowerment over the lives of every prayer warrior and love partner of this ministry. Thank you and blessings!


Musings [a period of reflection]…Thank You GOD for the time to connect and listen to You…sometimes while riding on a motor bike or just simply having meal in a beach front cafe, or under the shade of a tree, YOU are everywhere, YOU are near and ready to talk with YOUR beloved people.

January 16-2015@2:35 am…“in everything that you do, make sure that your motivation is anchored on Me, your heart is right before Me, do everything in My will, for I will fulfill My promises to you as I have fulfilled My promises in the days old, put your trust on Me and I will never leave you nor forsake you”

“Yes Lord Jesus” was my reply. “Search my heart Lord and remove any inequities, sanctify me today Lord Jesus.” Allow me to recognize your voice always and grant me the will to obey you in full measure. Thank You God!

January 9-2015, early morning after sleeping in Sta. Barbara, while riding on a motorcycle, the Lord continue to impress on me how the enemy have deceived the people, created by God, and have become enslaved to sin…and I heard the Lord, “I have come to set them free…”

Decided to stop along the roadside, I replied “yes Lord, use me as your channel, empower me Lord Jesus, teach me how, apart from you i am nothing!


January 5-2015…yesterday an sms came in my cellphone from a dear brother in Christ “pas, can we meet for coffee? i’d like to know how can i help in your ministry”…in my spirit the LORD spoke to me “remind him about the “narrow path…” yes LORD was my reply.

GOD gives us an assignment in unexpected ways to express HIS LOVE to PEOPLE…let us be sensitive to GOD’s WAYS…we are HIS channel of LOVE, YIELD, these are LASTING FRUIT BEARING WAYS. LORD JESUS, SALAMAT gid, BE OUR VINE ALWAYS, SET-UP DIVINE APPOINTMENTS FOR ALL YOUR SERVANTS. (again this am, January 6, i’m being reminded in my quiet time)


God @ Work, Nov to Dec 2014

Engage HIS POWER, enlarge your VISION, expand your CAPACITY, having this message in our hearts as we left Port Dickson, Malaysia…we started to pray and allowed GOD to work in us.

November and December were full of readings and research to prepare us for January 2015. This also became a period when Sis. Juvy and me, as a couple, have to observe and live the rule of life we have learned for us individually, as a couple and for our family and our ministry.

Going back to Iloilo, we have been given the opportunity to go back and have our site leadership tasks, but we respectfully asked our leaders to bless us and told them that we will start our ministry to the Body of Christ, that of prayer counseling & healing and mission mobilization.

Slowly, we started to receive from God, how our weekend messages will synchronize to our new path in our call journey with Him for the Body of Christ.

Last December 14, 2014, we started to incorporate what GOD is telling us to do in our everyday life, starting with our His Life family in Iloilo…

As Ambassadors of Christ, as channels of reconciliation for people to go back to GOD, 2 Corinthians 5:18 was our guiding scriptures as we share the Christmas message to the church in Iloilo and Bacolod. We share Jesus Christ as GOD’s GIFT of LOVE, H.U.G (acronym for Human but Holy, Unconditional yet Unfailing, Gift of Grace) and to live GOD’s LOVE practically by simply starting to hug people, doing the 4-8-12! God’s people welcomed it and now being done as a Sunday welcoming act for everyone, especially first time visitors to feel at home in the church.

hugs07 hugs003 hugs03 hugs09 hugs02 hugs08

We continue to serve the body of Christ…in our Christmas Family Day, four people followed JESUS in water baptism, 18 people completed the Kairos Course in BCIF church and were mobilized for GOD’s Mission, giving emphasis to cross-cultural missions, to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Read more about mobilizing. 

We continue to share about the ministry of prayer counseling and healing to families and friends and we are seeing how GOD organizes our prayer support group.

hlismv2014122804 hlismv2014122806

It was also the same message we shared to our His Life family in East (am) last December 18, their last Sunday celebration at Lopue’s East venue for 2014. People welcomed and responded well to what God wants them to start doing in their life as believers, to be channel of HIS reconciling love.

During the 2nd half of December, our message to the body going into New Year 2015 is to LIVE LIFE in GOD’s PERSPECTIVE, to start LIFE in the last days as TRUE WORSHIPPER’s of GOD, worshiping GOD in Spirit and in Truth and will spill to January 2015 with the TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.  Through these messages that GOD allows us to share to the Body of Christ, we were able to expose the schemes (lies and deceptions) of the enemy in science, media, and lifestyles identity and destiny, how the family is being used by the enemy to curse instead of GOD original design to bless the children.

Please continue to pray for us as we receive invitations, informal yet, to share in small groups and Sunday preaching about prayer counseling and healing, identity and destiny in His Life and in the Body of Christ.

We thank GOD and are grateful to our friends and partners: His Life family, fellow Kairos advocates and Raphah Malaysia, leaders-fellow alumni for the financial seeds that have sustained our family and ministry needs during November and December. Thank you Raphah Ipoh Center for adopting to lift us in love and in prayer. Click here to know more about Raphah Ministries Malaysia

We continue to bring to GOD our requests to have our Raphah Internship completed within 2015 in Malaysia as we follow GOD to bring our Redeemer King, our Healer for GOD’s people in implementing Raphah Philippines to raise and equip counseling and healing ministry group within the Body of Christ.

Shalom and wishing everyone a great 2015.


God ushering us to our Journey with Him…

“how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news…”, i heard this in 1995 from a mentor pastor, entitled “foot spa”, now in cebu, a year before we relocated to Bacolod City.


Our early years in missions…we thank God for our friends from YWAM, back in 1997, they were used by GOD to expose us in missions while we cooperate with HIM as we co-managed  our software and hardware business.

Missions aligned us to His heart in church planting…we formally asked to be released from our previous church to be involved in what God is doing in missions in the Body of Christ, that sunday of June 2007, GOD ministered to us through the preaching “Hurting People Hurt People, Healed People Help People”…that in the process of obeying God, His leaders, unknowingly-unintentionally left wounds in us and thank God that our small group ministry nurtured us back to forgive, be healed, be equipped and served Him. By His grace, we have been a part of team who pioneered a site in Bacolod City. By June 2009, God called us to continue the work in Iloilo City as site leaders and shepherd the flock. We got introduced in 2012 to the truth that MISSION and missions are two different terms, to be part of World Christian Movement, through facilitating the Kairos Course, we got involved in the mobilization of the Body of Christ for Mission.

After more than seven years, being prepared by God to face new opportunities and new challenges, we obeyed Him to renew our vows, and declare blessings to our children, GOD’s opportunities and blessings came also with new challenges…to follow Him again in MISSION…to be a blessing to the Body of Christ, again we experience that our obedience to GOD has its costs, we had to endorse our site pastoral functions, praise GOD for our local leadership team-readied by GOD, so that we can be able to work in the Body of Christ. In so doing, we receive healthy and unhealthy feedbacks, the later leaving wounds again in the inside. But GOD is ALWAYS GOOD, HE MAKES OUR FEET BEAUTIFUL.

We arrive in Port Dickson October 9, 2014 to attend Raphah School of Prayer Counseling and Healing. I remember telling our Raphah mentors and leaders that it is not “traumatic” but “exciting” why we got lost in the bigness of KLIA2. We received LOVE, GOD spoke again to us, HE reconciled us to HIS MESSAGE “hurting people hurt people”. This is no longer  a coincidence, i said to myself, that every time we pursued to obey HIM in MISSION, that phrase “hurting people hurt people” comes into the picture…throughout the school…in 14 days of rigorous 830am to 10pm classes with personal prayer counseling sessions, GOD revealed to us that we are hurting, wounded and needs restoration and healing…past and present, all throughout we saw how the prayer counseling and healing process, pointing to JESUS’, HIS LORDSHIP, HIS Word, His finished work at THE CROSS and with the comforting presence of The HOLY SPIRIT at work in us as beloved children of GOD. We saw that even in my troubled and difficult childhood, GOD is already at work in me.GOD’s prophetic revelations were uttered also for us during the school and we received them personally as GOD’s message to us…”do not fear to step on un-chartered paths” and “an old spring will dry up but a new spring with fresh waters you will drink from”, the latter statement an affirmation of an email message coming from one of our mentors but the term used was “brooks” instead of “springs”. We Thank GOD for the encouragement that through the gifts that HE has blessed HIS people we were restored, made whole for HIS PURPOSE!

We also saw the church-the Body of Christ, broken, wounded, sick, flying with one wing because the other wing is broken, that instead of soaring high to obey GOD’s purpose and will, to bring the TESTIMONY of THE GOSPEL to ALL NATIONS, for the GLORY of GOD to cover the earth  as the waters covers the seas…the church keeps moving in circles not advancing…the enemy at work in stealing, destroying and killing GOD’s people. God revealed to us how prayer counseling as an essential Biblical process and an effective ministry will remove the blinders and uproot-destroy strongholds, in a spiritual battle, in the mind and hearts of God’s people so that they can live a full life in obeying GOD’s MISSION just as JESUS’ promised in John 10:10. GOD also allowed us to see how HE has used our Malaysian brethren to bless the nations of the world, HE also revealed to us the Daniels, of today, in Babylon, in foreign lands, the Filipino Christian OFW’s, that instead of having the Daniel’s anointing, of not compromising, they missed GOD’s outworking in their life in their country of destination and have also been a channel of the enemy’s destruction in their family back home because of unresolved hurts, broken past and unhealed deep wounds. Thank You HOLY SPIRIT for revealing these things to us!

We thank the LORD for HIS WAYS is higher than our ways, all we have to do is fully yield and YIELD we do…we have, in FAITH, decided to follow HIM to start the prayer counseling and healing ministry with us under accountability to GOD and to our mentors in Raphah Malaysia. We have decided also to continue our MISSION mobilization under accountability to Living Springs International, facilitating Kairos Course- we will be doing this as GOD outwork HIS PLAN for us in the BODY of CHRIST, in HIS PERFECT WILL. By the grace of GOD, we will still continue with our covenanted church life with ONE HIS LIFE as we work with various members of THE BODY of CHRIST!

We give thanks to GOD for allowing us to live a FULL LIFE here in Iloilo, Bacolod, Manila, Philippines, Malaysia and in ALL NATIONS, wherever HE leads us. We don’t know what’s next but we are certain that IN HIM WE WILL MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING!

We give thanks to YAHWEH GOD, the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, that in CHRIST JESUS and in the power of THE HOLY SPIRIT, that all GOD’s people, baptists, pentecostals, methodists, anglicans and other groups, who have been chosen and have received the call of GOD, who have been reconciled, who have been born by the spirit of GOD, that in HIS TIME, we will all come to the maturity of our faith- in Christ likeness and reign with KING JESUS in eternity. Maranatha!

Welcome and A Blessed 2015!

Welcome to our blog!

This is our simple way of sharing to you our journey with our Amazing God as a couple, as parents to our sons Jairo, Jaiko, Jethro and Jeremiah and as servants in GOD’s Kingdom.


Time flies so fast, before it was so easy to hug them but now they are all grown ups, each with a set of priorities, activities and group of friends. We missed the days of going out to another place to spend New Year’s eve. We thank God for His continued grace in protecting them and providing for their needs. God is always faithful, indeed His love endures forever, always unfailing and unconditional.

Since that December 12, 2013 when God told me to renew my vows with my wife, Juvy, to be strengthened, to be prepared for greater opportunities for great challenges will come in 2014 and beyond, we saw a lot of faith building stories unfold in our life. God is creating His story for His glory to be revealed in our life as a family through our faith in Christ. By His grace we are seeing it happening…how GOD continue His work in us and in the lives of people, dear family and friends He has connected with us.

Expect a lot of posts here about what God had done during 2014 and in the past years. These stories will serve as our jumping point for more of what God will be doing in 2015 and the coming years. Matthew 19:26 states “nothing is impossible with God”, indeed we can have victory if we choose to stand with JESUS CHRIST as our LORD, by being in GOD’s presence always and engaging-fully trusting HIS power as we obey every TRUTH that He wants us to LIVE, for the TRUTH from GOD will always sets us FREE.

The Bible is God’s Revelation to us, Jesus’ Cross is our Point of Redemption and Eternity is our Destiny! We are writing God’s stories as we work with fellow servants…our pastors, small group leaders, Godly mentors, fellow brethren in the Body of Christ, classmates, mobilizers and co-laborers in God’s harvest field. Thanks to you all for obeying God in loving us.

You are God’s channel of His blessings to us. May you continue to cover us in prayer…thank you for your financial seeds of love and Godly counsel…we acknowledge our accountability to GOD and to you.As we embark in an added new chapter of our journey starting this January 2015 in the ministry of prayer counseling & healing and to continually mobilizing the Body of Christ in obedient pursuit of God’s Mission to All Nations, let us hold our hands together in our bended knees, yielded to the Ways of Master Jesus for the glory of GOD.

You are Saved to Served. You are Healed to Help People! You are Blessed to be a Blessing.

Welcome online, welcome to an exciting Life with our Amazing God, let HIS KINGDOM COME, let HIS WILL BE DONE in JESUS Name!

CHRIST is our Amazing Lord and Savior…HE came to set the captives free, to give us a full life in the power of The HOLY SPIRIT and for us to be able bring the glory of GOD to All Nations!

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